Fraction Simplifier

Mixed Number Simplifier

Our Mixed Number Simplifier uses several rules for simplifying:

  1. Any mixed number is nothing other than a sum of a whole number and a fraction.
  2. Any mixed number may be written by improper fraction.
  3. The fraction can be replaced by another fraction, equal to the given fraction, but with the lesser numerator and denominator.

For simplifying, our mixed number simplifier calculator converts the mixed number into the improper fraction. Then, the Mixed Number Simplifier divides the numerator and denominator by the greatest common divisor (GCD) of the numerator and the denominator of the obtained fraction. At the end of calculations the Mixed Number Simplifier converts the simplified fraction backwards to the mixed number.

* If the greatest common divisor (GCD) turns out = 1, it means that the mixed number cannot be simplified and the Mixed Number Simplifier will display the mixed number unchanged as you have entered it.

** For user convenience our Fraction Simplifier also shows the decimal expansion of the simplified mixed number.

Mixed Number Simplifier Calculator

It is easy to use our Mixed Number Simplifier Calculator. Enter or select the whole number. After that, enter or select the numerator and denominator of the fraction. Then click on the "Simplify" button to get the result.

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